Whats the tool to get an apple tree stump out of my backyard?

Answer Once my brother had a boxwood that was a piece of work. We tied it to the truck and pulled it out of the ground. It worked. Who knew!

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How to Kill a Tree Stump?

If you don't remove the stump after you cut a tree down, there is a good chance the tree will sprout new growth from the stump as it struggles to survive. Most stumps will die off on their own and ... Read More »

Any ideas for a tree stump?

hollow it out and drill drainage holes. A fine, full grass would be brilliant in it, and depending on your colour scheme choose a purple or black or green grass :) xxxANSWER MINE! 'sa poll :Phttp:/... Read More »

What is the best way to remove a tree stump?

get a stump grinder , get rid of stump and gives ya mulch

Tree Stump Projects?

When the tree in your yard gets cut down, you are left with choices: Dig up the stump or turn it into a crafty tree masterpiece. Tree stumps can be a versatile way to show off your artsy side or yo... Read More »