What's the temperature in a fridge?

Answer The ideal refrigerator temperature range is 1°-4.5°C (34°-40°F) . Bacterial and mold growth are considerably slowed down at these temperatures, thus retarding food spoilage. Since water freezes... Read More »

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What Temperature Should My Fridge Be Set at?

Storing food in the refrigerator helps prevent the growth of microorganisms that can make you sick. If your refrigerator isn't warm enough, it won't effectively prevent microorganism growth because... Read More »

What temperature should a fridge be?

Typically the temperature should be under 40 degrees F.

What temperature should your fridge be?

A refrigerator should be kept no warmer than 38 degrees Fahrenheit, and no colder than 34 degrees Fahrenheit. Warmer, and food spoils. Colder, and food gets cold damage.

What is ideal fridge temperature?

Hi there the ideal fridge temperature is 3-5 degrees centergrade .This is the ideal temp for a fridge as bacteria are imobolized by the coldness which means no reproducing and making your food go o... Read More »