What's the stupidest injury you have ever had?

Answer I was walking up stairs at work with my hands in my pocket, and tripped up the stairs. I hit the bridge of my nose on the corner of the concrete step and broke my nose. After my 1st surgery to fi... Read More »

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What's the stupidest injury you ever self-induced (by accident)?

The inevitable corned beef tin injury.I shall say no more ! ! !

Whats the stupidest thing you have ever done?

Well I guess as a kid I jumped off the barn roof with a propeller on my hat, with an umbrella just in case the hat did not work. the propeller did not work but the umbrella did to a point! In my le... Read More »

Whats the stupidest movie ever?

Son of the Maskor that stupid Jennifer Anniston movie with the lebrachaun

Whats the most stupidest thing your man has ever done/said?

My partner didnt say anything but he acts pretty dumb sometimes!You know the explosive diapers you get sometimes when you LO is newborn. Well i had to go run errands and my partner was taking care ... Read More »