What's the stupidest injury you ever self-induced (by accident)?

Answer The inevitable corned beef tin injury.I shall say no more ! ! !

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Whats the worst accident or injury you've had?

Mine was a car wreck. I hit a tree goin 147 mph at my drivers door. It took them over 40 min. to cut me out of the car. Finally i started to die on scene so they just drugged me up and pulled me ou... Read More »

Stupidest DIY accident or construction accident you have ever made ?

The stupidest thing I've ever seen was when I was working as a carpenter on a Commercial Project for a GC.We were building a strip mall and all he did was, push, push and push the men. He had broug... Read More »

What's the stupidest injury you have ever had?

I was walking up stairs at work with my hands in my pocket, and tripped up the stairs. I hit the bridge of my nose on the corner of the concrete step and broke my nose. After my 1st surgery to fi... Read More »

For injury induced arthritis of the shoulders and lower back,any advice on adaptive tools that work best?

A back support belt sold at Hardware stores,or Tool supplie stores.