Whats the song that plays in episode 2 of hemlock grove, at the dance, NOT the first song by phedre.?

Answer I believe it is the top two here, one of them but the ones below are all from the show tooThese are some of them, not all though. download the shazaam app and you will be able to find the songs ea... Read More »

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What song is played in hemlock grove last episode, it goes as drive on, drive on, my special one?

Credits song from Hemlock Grove S1E4?

it's called Use Me - Beans & Fatbacklook it up on YouTube, and they probably got it on iTunes :) BTW, I was looking for it too and couldn't find it online. download the app "Shazam" and I guarantee... Read More »

Does anyone know the title of song on Hemlock Grove when the Godfrey cousins are driving a long road?

Whats is the name of the song that plays when homer is falling and his life is flashing before his eyes in Eternal moonshine of a Simpson mind episode KABF02 thanks for the help?