Whats the song from the advert off tv..HELP!!!!!?

Answer Its the Boots ad and the song is called here come the girls.

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Whats the song in the bbc iplayer radio app advert with charlie sloth in?

I had the answer at the tip of my tongue but it escaped me. I will definitely get back to you when it comes back to me.

What is the song from the BBC election advert?

yes! there is a world service, a news channel that be seen abroad, even BBC America and otehr stations like that :)

Amazing song from the 5* movies advert?

Dark Star by Dune Tran, from the album Heart Anchors.Lyrics:She's on the dark side of the night sky Among the stars that cannot be seen from here Well where do you go when you're so far from home W... Read More »

What is the song from the advert for the new BBC drama Occupation?