Whats the size bigger than terabyte (1024GB)?

Answer After terabytes, you get petabytes, exabytes, zettabytes and yottabytes:1 yottabyte= 1024 zettabytes= 1048576 exabytes= 1073741824 petabytes= 1099511627776 terabytes= 1125899906842624 gigabytes= 11... Read More »

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Which is bigger ... a king size bed or a queen size bed?

Queens are 6ft wideKings are 5ft wideEDIT : I have just checked and it all depends whether in US or UK.In UK, Queens are bigger, in US Kings are bigger hence why all the confusion on here.

Is a queen size bed bigger than a king size?

A queen-size bed is smaller than a king-size bed. A queen mattress is approximately 60 inches wide and 80 inches long, while a king mattress is approximately 76 inches wide and 80 inches long.Sourc... Read More »

What size is bigger/smaller 0g or 2g in Gauge size?

Ummm...what are you gauging and what is your idea of small? The smaller the number, the bigger the gauge, so 0 would be larger than 2, but you should know that both of those are very big. The aver... Read More »

Which is bigger, a full size or double size bed?

twin 3/3full or double 4/6queen 5/0king 6/6cal king 6/0