Whats the simplest way to connect a non-digital camcorder to a pc?

Answer The Dazzle device works great. I bought one for the same reason, and have not had a problem with it yet. I have had it for over a year now. It is so easy to use. Once you load the program onto ... Read More »

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How do I connect my digital camcorder to my computer?

That model is a Hi-8 analogue camera. It connects via a special composite video and single audio phono lead (yellow and white plugs). Only digital camcorders use FireWire or USB2.0 See below for t... Read More »

Whats the simplest and lease expensive way to put videos on the Internet?

Youtube: It's free and it's fun too. Millions of people go there so a lot of people are going to be able to watch your videos. All you have to do is create an account, which is free, and you can up... Read More »

In simplest terms, what's the difference between analog and digital?

analog -> continuous signaldigital -> discrete signal

Whats the difference between a $200 HD camcorder and a $2,000 HD camcorder besides features?

Video quality and the user's control over it are HUGE differences. On a $200 camcorder, expect little to no manual zoom (specifically optical zoom) or focus. Expect highly compressed formats like... Read More »