What's the silliest question you've been asked by an omnivore?

Answer I'm a vegetarian, and people often make stupid remarks... however, this occurs the most."Oh, I feel SO bad for you!!!! How can you not eat meat?!?!?"Don't feel bad for me, it's my choice; no one is... Read More »

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Whats the silliest/craziest thing your child turned into a toy?

To my toddler son, tampons=rocket ships :)I don't get it, LOL.

Whats a good treatment for bad memory i totally just asked the same question twice in a row and dint notice?

You may have a deficiency in the neurotransmitter Acytl-Choline.Which is responsible for learning and memory.Prevagin and tumeric are good,and supplements to get your choline levels up.Egg yolks ar... Read More »

Question not posted. I asked a Q about a gardening implement and it was not posted. Whats going on?

It seems to be happening to a lot of people today and yesterday. Yahoo has been messing about.As for wands that heat weeds and kill them, I just bought one. They use a gas bottle and are really not... Read More »

Whats the worst pain youve ever been in?

once while i was raking hay, i had to go under an apple tree to gather a swath of downed hay. suddenly, i had excrutiating pain in my right eye! it was so bad i shoved the tractor out of gear and ... Read More »