What's the secret to a perfect stir-fry?

Answer -good prep.make sure all your veges and meat have been cut up already before you turn on the heat.-a spacious wok.not non-stick and a nice, heavy weight.this helps in spreading and retaining the he... Read More »

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How to Gramma's Secret Stir Fry?

This healthy recipe was created by my Grandma (Gramma). It's so delicious and healthy at the same time... you probably won't have left overs. Yum!

What's the secret to perfect, flippable golden pancakes?

Get a packet of Tescos Pancake mix and follow the instructions on thatSorry - didn't realise it had already been used !

What is the secret to making perfect pasta that doesnt stick together?

First off, don't use oil. I watch Foot Network all the time and you know this. The main reason pasta sticks is this ........ CHEAP PASTA STICKS ! Buy a high quality pasta brand like Barilla and you... Read More »

Whats a perfect side dish to go with chicken fajitas?

I always serve potato wedges and salad with mine