What's the safest and healthiest type of water to drink?

Answer Your body is over 70% water. You depend on water foryour very existence. Water increases endurance and energy,aids digestion, regulates body temperature, and facilitatesmuscular and nervous activit... Read More »

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Whats the safest way to drink and drive?

Whats the healthiest alternative to Water would it be gatorade?

Well here's the deal. Gatorade and powerade are good for you in moderation. They are full of electrolytes that our bodies need for survival. They also contain sugar, which water does not. If you ar... Read More »

I'm a new Diabetic type 2 whats the best soft drink to have when i go out?

best is plain water. soda try diet rite, no carbs like most diet soda , but also no sodium (salt) , no caffeine. be careful of the word "diet" in sodo , not all diet soda or drinks are sugar-free ... Read More »

Whats something, besides water I can drink that has no sugar?

Splenda is one of the best non sugar substitues, at the grocery stores now there are many things that have no real sugar. There is sugar free colas for just about every cola, there is tea, coffee, ... Read More »