What's the remedy for Iron burn on fingers?

Answer Cool (not cold) water is the best thing to relieve the burn. You can also use a gel (NOT lotion) with Aloe Vera to keep the area moist and reduce scarring (or if you have an Aloe Vera plant, just... Read More »

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How to Position Fingers With a Marcel Iron?

Marcel irons are preferred over spring curling irons by most professional hairstylists. However, many consumers find them awkward to handle and difficult to use. Marcel irons can be difficult to ho... Read More »

Burn Blisters on fingers?

First of all, I'll explain the stages of burns. First degree burns have redness, pain, tenderness, maybe a little swelling, second degree burns have the same as first but with blisters, and third d... Read More »

How do I stop the burning from a burn to my fingers?

Keep it in cold water and purchase a product called burn aid or similiar is a topical ointment that takes the pain away.

Can jalapeno burn your fingers hours after the fact?

Yes, to both questions. Always wear kitchen gloves when cleaning or cooking with jalapenos.Yes, it will be burning for hours and maybe even the next day. Not much you can do about.Do Not Rub You... Read More »