What's the real story behind drinking ionized alkaline water?

Answer Go with the scientific view point mate!! Personally I think ionised water machines are a whole load of bunk!! If you need to purify you water either buy yourself a water filter, which can be boug... Read More »

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Is ionized water alkaline?

Ionized water can either be alkaline or acidic, depending on the electrolysis process used in its ionization. If the water has been chemically oxidized during electrolysis, it will be acidic. It th... Read More »

Whats your funniest drinking story?

Hm well once at one of my friends parties, I was walking into the house from outside and didn't realize the glass sliding doors were closed, and of course walked into them and broke them off the hi... Read More »

What is the science behind drinking water with a straw?

A drinking straw is a useful tool that most people use without thinking. It seems second nature to just grab a straw and have a sip of a drink. It is a rather simple process, but the reason why it ... Read More »

Whats with "alkaline diets" People talking about keeping your body in an alkaline state for health?

It's all bull to fool and rip off uncritical thinkers. You passed the test!