What's the purpose of facebook?

Answer Unlike Myspace which tries to connect you to anyone and everyone....Facebook has a lot more options for you to keep your profile Private. When you join Facebook it was originally ment for people in... Read More »

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Whats the rules and purpose of being a vegan?

Rules: You don't eat animals or animal products.Purpose: This way, they don't feel pain that they never asked for."Allowed," in my opinion, is not the correct terminology because there are many typ... Read More »

Whats Pandora radio's purpose of its name?

Pandora means "all gifted" Greek. in Ancient Greek pandora received gifts from the gods including the gift of music from Apollo

Whats the purpose of the State of the Union address?

To Fulfill a Constitutional Requirement.Found this on "Yahoo Anwsers".

Facebook isn't Working 9/22/10 Does Anyone know Whats is Going on with Facebook?

THEY JUST REPORTED IT ON THE NEWS.C'mon. It's a social network site. Go outside.