Whats the proper name for a vase that you keep wine in?

Answer What your thinking of is a Wine Decanter.This is a website Ive boughten Decanters from in the past. Take a look and see if you get an idea for one.…But if ... Read More »

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What is the proper storage temperature for wine?

The ideal storage temperature for wine is 55 degrees Fahrenheit, which is equal to 13 degrees Celsius. A fluctuation of plus or minus 1 degree is acceptable. Wine stored at a higher temperature wil... Read More »

What is the proper name for a wine storage unit?

The proper name for wine storage unit depends on the type of unit used. A wine cabinet is a vertical standalone unit that keeps the wine at the proper temperature, angle and humidity. A wine rack t... Read More »

What is the proper temperature to serve white wine?

The most common white wines, such as sauvignon blancs, chenin blancs, rieslings and chardonnays, should be served at 45 degrees Fahrenheit, according to When these wines are served... Read More »

Whats the proper way to clean a lcd tv screen?

The safest preferred way is a very soft, (like microfiber) cloth with warm water.! Some cleaners could leave permanent marks on your screen..