Whats the point to install ubuntu/linux?

Answer Linux is entirely open source (apart from the odd Hardware Driver ie. Nvidia) so there is nothing to breach.WHY LINUX IS BETTER is now in a position of offerin... Read More »

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Whats the point of a scanner?

What the hell is this all about Tell me why whats the point?

Its called a spider siteCertain search engines use what are known as crawlers [spiders in other words] they search for websites and add them to the search engine's database.Sometime they read descr... Read More »

Whats the point of wisdom teeth?

It's thought that the Stone Age diet often consisted of coarse, rough foods that required more chewing power. As a result, the jawbones of our ancestors were larger and accommodated 32 teeth with e... Read More »

Whats the point of smoking cigarettes?

It usually starts with peer pressure then people keep doing it because they get addicted. Some people are also self-medicating for anxiety because cigarettes have a calming effect but there are WAY... Read More »