What's the point of facebook if no one really talks to you?

Answer Isnt it ironic that it's a 'social networking site' but yet it's making you feel lonely? I absolutely hate facebook and what it stands for! People let it rule their heads and over-analyze every lit... Read More »

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What does it mean to "tag" someones picture on facebook, whats the point of doing it?

If you tag someone in a picture, you are identifying them in the picture. Once you tag them, that picture also appears on their profile. If you scroll over a person in the picture that has been t... Read More »

Nobody talks to me on facebook chat and it annoys me so much, why is this?

Because 80% of our friends on Facebook aren't our actual friends. Actually...scratch that---make it 90%.

What the hell is this all about Tell me why whats the point?

Its called a spider siteCertain search engines use what are known as crawlers [spiders in other words] they search for websites and add them to the search engine's database.Sometime they read descr... Read More »

Whats the point of a scanner?