What's the point of being vegan?

Answer A lot of people do it because they believe vegan-ism is a healthier option, not just because of the animal rights issues.Why worry about it? People can make their own choices for whatever reason. ... Read More »

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Whats the rules and purpose of being a vegan?

Rules: You don't eat animals or animal products.Purpose: This way, they don't feel pain that they never asked for."Allowed," in my opinion, is not the correct terminology because there are many typ... Read More »

What is the difference between being "physically vegan" as opposed to being "mentally vegan"?

No clue.Strict vegetarianism (the DIETARY component of VEGANISM, which is a philosophy and resulting lifestyle, is more aptly characterized as just that- a dietary choice.

I want to be come a vegan how do i start being a vegan?

If you're going to eliminate meat and dairy, the biggest challenge is getting enough protein. I'm not vegan but I love eating a variety of foods, and tend to avoid a lot of dairy.I love almond milk... Read More »

Health wise, is there a huge difference between being Vegetarian and being Vegan?

To Cliff. just saying that Vitamin B12 comes from bacteria not animals. It only exists so much in meat because of how unclean it is. It can certainly be found it vegetables that aren't washed prope... Read More »