What's the point of being a vegetarian ?

Answer When you become a vegetarian, you stop giving money to companies and people that torture animals, That means they make less of a profit = less money. Less money for them = less animals tortured.Com... Read More »

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What is the point of being a vegetarian?

they deprive themselves of meat because they like the idea of being different, and they like to think they have higher morals than everyone else, oh the poor animal.... that was bread and killed fo... Read More »

If I become a vegetarian will I loose weight (Also information about being a vegetarian)?

Some people lose weight on a vegetarian diet, and others don't. It's about the choices you make for a healthy lifestyle, combined with whether your body likes a vegetarian lifestyle.Many vegetarian... Read More »

Are you vegetarian by choice if so do you think being a vegetarian good and why?

Health wise, is there a huge difference between being Vegetarian and being Vegan?

To Cliff. just saying that Vitamin B12 comes from bacteria not animals. It only exists so much in meat because of how unclean it is. It can certainly be found it vegetables that aren't washed prope... Read More »