Whats the point of a scanner?

Answer To turn a hard copy into a soft copy...

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Whats the point of smoking cigarettes?

It usually starts with peer pressure then people keep doing it because they get addicted. Some people are also self-medicating for anxiety because cigarettes have a calming effect but there are WAY... Read More »

Whats the point of wisdom teeth?

It's thought that the Stone Age diet often consisted of coarse, rough foods that required more chewing power. As a result, the jawbones of our ancestors were larger and accommodated 32 teeth with e... Read More »

Whats wrong with my scanner?

Uninstall your software and reinstall it, or you have scratched the scanner sensor

Whats the point in folding your laundry?

I like this one it's funny! I have thought the same thing. I see where you say why put it away, but if you don't fold it people can tell, lol. So that's why most people do. It's like making your be... Read More »