What's the point of a Wiki if people delete pages instead of improving them?

Answer The point of a wiki like Wikipedia is to provide a platform for ego gratification for introverted narcissists. All the talk of "making knowledge free" is just to take care of the funding needed to... Read More »

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Is and WikiLeaks related They both have wiki in them Does Wiki mean something bad?

They are not related. Think of it this way: both New York City and Ho Chi Minh City have the word "city" in their names, but they aren't the same place and they don't share a municipal government.... Read More »

Why do people download albums for free instead of buying them, and vice-versa?

I buy albums of artists that I support. And if a cd is at a decent price, and what I've heard about the artist (radio air play time, demos on the internet on the artist's website, and the general b... Read More »

What is the point of having stop signs when cops let people roll through them anyway?

When you delete the web browser's history on the HTC Droid Incredible can you delete one item at a time or can you only delete all of them at once?