Whats the piece called that hooks the printer and the tower?

Answer Cable - USB or parallel, depending on the age of your equipment

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Whats the app called that tells you whats near you?

What is the plug called that hooks up your computer to your tv with the yellow red and white plugz...?

That is called a composite cable. Yellow delivers video, white delivers left audio, and red delivers right audio. That connection can also be referred to as an RCA connection. It is mostly found on... Read More »

When a piece of wood gets wet and shrinks what is that process called?

Through the loss of moisture, freshly cut, sound wood will generally experience a radial shrinkage of ca. 3-6 percent, a tangential shrinkage of 5-10 percent, and a longitudinal shrinkage of - 0.5 ... Read More »

Whats that plastic thing pies and apples from Costco are put in called (it makes that loud cracking noise)?