What's the oldest website in the world?

Answer For the actual first website created,…For the oldest domain name, its See the 100 oldest here.

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Does anyone know of the oldest website on the internet that is still up?

According to most people, is the oldest registered domain, registered on 15th March 1985.Some people also say that is the oldest site, although you can no longer ... Read More »

Whats the oldest drink you have in you cupboard..?

Who is the oldest man in the world?

As of May 22, 2010, Walter Breuning is the oldest man alive, at 113 years old. Breuning was born Sept. 21, 1896. The oldest person alive is a female; Eugenie Blanchard is 114 years old.Source:Geron... Read More »

What is the oldest coin in the world?

The generally accepted oldest coin in the world is the "stater," struck in Lydia during the sixth century B.C. Lydia, now western Turkey, was a trading center that used the coins in commerce. Made ... Read More »