Whats the oldest drink you have in you cupboard..?

Answer 1940 miniture Rum Darnt open it ?

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Who stole the cupboard from Omri in the book 'The Indian In the Cupboard'?

His brother Adiel because he thought Omri took his football shorts which he actually did not.

I'm a new Diabetic type 2 whats the best soft drink to have when i go out?

best is plain water. soda try diet rite, no carbs like most diet soda , but also no sodium (salt) , no caffeine. be careful of the word "diet" in sodo , not all diet soda or drinks are sugar-free ... Read More »

I have a tin of pink salmon in the cupboard, what can I make with it?

I actually just made this the other day and was very impressed. They're basically potato/salmon cakes, but taste delicious.1 lb. potatoes, peeled and quartered6 Tbsp. butter2 scallions, finely cho... Read More »

I have started to notice a soil smell coming from a cupboard where the electrical metre is.?

With a few rare exceptions, companies that provide utilities and services have an obligation to maintain the the lines that come into your home AND to maintain the points at which they enter your h... Read More »