What's the new Mystery Google website?


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Mystery Google now Mystery Social?

False. It just changed its name (AGAIN). Now it's "Mystery Seeker", which in my opinion is even worse than "Mystery Social"! According to the homepage it says, "Last name change, we promise."Yeah... Read More »

Mystery Google not working?

same happened to me,buuuut I figured out:don't type in mysterygoogle.comsearch "mystery google" and then click on the first link it comes up with. :)

What is a mystery google mission?

When you go to Mystery Google, you get what the last person searched. This being said, sometimes when you do your search, the answer you get will be something like, "Your mission: text 555-555-5555... Read More »

Whats the difference between Google maps and Google Earth?

In a nutshellGoogle Earth: Is an application that allows the user too view the world through a 2d/3d globe. You can input an address, and it take you too the coordinates and show a picture of that ... Read More »