Whats the name of the square pad that we use as a mouse on laptops called?

Answer it's called a touchpad :)

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One computer mouse is simply called 'a mouse', but what's more than one called,- mice, mouses, mices?

Why are laptops called laptops if you're not actually suppose to sit them on your lap?

Well, when they were initially released they were supposed to, but then a few laptops exploded and.. putting it nicely.. people were hurt where it hurts the most.. and sued the laptop companies.. t... Read More »

Does Mickey Mouse have a sibling called mortimer mouse?

There is another character called Mortimer, but he and Mickey are not related. (If you want to be technical, Mortimer Mouse is what Mickey's name used to be, but Mortimer was brought back later as ... Read More »

What is the best wireless mouse for laptops?

On One Hand: Logitech Performance Mouse MX is highly advanced.With an "outstanding" rating on CNET's hardware review site, the Logitech Performance Mouse MX is probably the best mouse on the market... Read More »