Whats the name of a local restaurant in your town that is absolutely amazing?

Answer not sure, all the restaurants are big chains where I live!

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Whats one thing your baby does that drives you absolutely nuts?

my gosh my daughter is a pain in the tushy lol, she will not sit still for the life of her, she is always on the go, she crawls to the tv stands and starts slapping the screen and getting into trou... Read More »

Whats a good name for an Italian Restaurant?

I just read your name " Sunshine" so why not call the restaurant Un Posto al SoleA Place in the Sunof coarse the name will need to reflect on the interior decor , you need to have sunny pictures of... Read More »

If you ABSOLUTELY had to name your child......?

I also have a name like this.Unique- Melody-JaneNormal- Anne-MarieWell, I guess I'm technically not, but I am fluent in English, and I do speak Italian, French, and Spanish, though i am not fluent ... Read More »

Fruits that grew in your grandparents or other family relatives yards...that you absolutely loved!!?

My grandparents, who live in Tennesse, grow tomatoes. They're the most delicous things I've ever had. If you haven't had a fresh, homegrown tomato, then eating them plain most likely sounds gross t... Read More »