Whats the movie called, if you cross the line on the road you die.?

Answer The only movie that came to mind is Village of the Damned (1960) remake (1995)

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When does a movie cross the line between being art and just downright manipulative?

(((marina)))Good question! I think it's tough to say either way really. What will effect one person badly, might not even bother another person so how do we really define whether something has been... Read More »

Whats this movie called?

Maybe "Amusement"…or "100 Tears"…

How is it decided whether a road will be called a road, street, avenue, drive, etc.?

Whatever scarcities we may have in this world, a shortage of street-name suffixes isn't one of them. The possibilities include but are not limited to alley, avenue, boulevard, circle, court, cove, ... Read More »

How to Cross the Road in Indonesia?

Learn immediately or quickly become a statistic. In Indonesia, as in many countries of the world, pedestrians are legitimate candidates for roadkill, or a nuisance, at best.