What's the most visited link in wikipedia like people,places or things...?

Answer Surely I think that I that Wikipedia has become the most popular in Google's search with your articles, in spite of the fact that this page is not kept alone but for us, but it looks like to me an ... Read More »

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I visited a website that was like wikipedia but it was all about celebrities?

IMDB.comnot only for movies, also for celebrities. it gives a biography, pictures and every single movie/ the person's ever been in.

Each time i click on a link or wikipedia or most links it takes me to another website?

Whats the longest, most random page you can copy and paste from wikipedia?

Room Temperature :) Pretty randomRoom temperature (also referred to as ambient temperature) is a common term to denote a certain temperature within enclosed space at which human beings are accustom... Read More »

Whats the most embrassing things thats happened to you while being pregnant?

I finished my late shift at work the other night and had to go to Asdas to get some food shopping for my boyfriends lunch the next day.I always drink a lot of water when I am at work as I am usuall... Read More »