Whats the most painful thing u ever been?

Answer Ive broken both my legs while skiing and had root canals which were very painfull... a broken heart is by far the worst though...

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Whats the most painful thing anyone has done to themselves?

The Most Painful Thing You Ever Experienced?

Emotional: Having to be the one to tell my daughter her dad is dead. After three days of searching, and living with the false hope that he somehow survived the falling of the Tower, I had to be the... Read More »

What's the most physically painful thing that's ever happened to you?

I fell off my m/cycle and wasn't wearing gloves: I lost all the skin off the palms of both hands and although that hurt like crazy, it was nothing compared to having the dressings changed...

What was the most physically painful thing that has ever happened to you?

Having kids, naturally. I've had my toenail ripped off two or three times, smashed so hard it eventually popped off from the blood blister under it.I've had both shins broken in two places when I ... Read More »