Whats the most important sign that you have found the one ?

Answer When he finds your question and tells you that he loves you.I love you baby!

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That vaccinations are important even in areas where a virus is not found?

Birthmoms, did you sign any legal contracts saying you did not ever want to be found?

For ANYONE who believes that surrender papers promising privacy from the surrendered child exist:…Those papers DO NOT EXIST. They never have. Never will.

Whats the most important thing your little one has taught you?

My kids have taught me that there isn't a song on EARTH that can't be sung in a high-pitched, goofy voice and danced to.

Whats more important money or health?

What good is wealth without health?The ideal situation is to have both but if the extra wealth is going to be at the expense of your health then it is not worth it.Apparently you had a much better ... Read More »