Whats the most hours you haved worked in a week?

Answer When I first finished school I did one 96 hour week and had several between 85 and 90 hour weeks. This was a killer load as I was often on call to the hospital for 28 days then off for 7. Though ... Read More »

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Federal Labor Laws on Hours Worked Per Week for Management?

The federal government sets certain requirements and protections pertaining to weekly work limits for employees who work in management. These requirements depend on the type of compensation receiv... Read More »

How to Calculate Hours Worked Online?

When working for an hourly wage, it can be difficult to calculate the exact amount of hours you worked over the course of a week. Online calculators offer an easy way to determine the hours worked ... Read More »

How do I Compute Hours for Time Worked?

While many businesses automatically track the amount of time their employees work, certain companies may ask you to keep track of the amount of hours you worked yourself. You can choose to compute ... Read More »

Labor Laws for Hours Worked?

There is no such thing as working for free, unless you choose to do so. For any hours of labor you work, the Fair Labor Act (FLA) requires your employer to compensate you. Minimum wages, overtime p... Read More »