Whats the most exciting thing you ever caught on camcorder?

Answer My son being born, I have footage of a Blue whale breaching, eye ball to eye ball with a lion in Africa, stampede of Elephants, but my son being born, there is no competition.

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Whats the most beautiful thing you ever saw?

Looking at the night sky on a clear night, with little light pollution. Then you'll see what I mean.

Whats the most painful thing u ever been?

Ive broken both my legs while skiing and had root canals which were very painfull... a broken heart is by far the worst though...

Whats the most digusting thing you've ever eaten?

My Grandmothers Liver and Bacon pie, but as I was only about 7 at the time maybe I am being unfair to her, in the last few years a MacDonald's I bought 2 bog standard burgers and threw 1 and 1/2 of... Read More »

Whats the most stupidest thing your man has ever done/said?

My partner didnt say anything but he acts pretty dumb sometimes!You know the explosive diapers you get sometimes when you LO is newborn. Well i had to go run errands and my partner was taking care ... Read More »