Whats the most embarrassing thing you have done while drunk?

Answer I don't remember

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Whats the most embarrassing thing you've ?

puked all over my friends stereo and speakers during a halloween party. i dont remember all of it but apparently i cleared out the party :o( lol

Whats the most embarrasing thing you've done when drunk?

The Most embarrasing thing - sorry could not limit it to just one !!! However. a brief list of my more infamous. 1. Naked - two many times to count 2. Arrested - for urinating into a police van 3.... Read More »

Whats the most expensive thing you've ever lost while drunk?

Well I did not actually loose this but I did get $35.00 stolen from me one time. I was drinking at my favorite biker bar and was wasted when it closed and just outside was two prostitutes wanting ... Read More »

Whats the worst thing youve done when ya were drunk?