Whats the most common color of a digital camera?

Answer Answer Silver or Black, or both together .

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How common for nice digital camera ?

It depends.If you treat your Li-ion battery correctly (not let is sitting depleted for long periods of time), they can last over 10 years. I have two that are that old and are still working just f... Read More »

What's a digital camera with in-camera color change editor?

I think it is where you can change it to black and white or sepia or vibrant. I had that on my camera. You can change it on the camera before you take the picture.

Whats the best digital camera for me...?

canon a570 IS , great inexpensive camera. use the rest of the money for accessories (bag, tripod, batteries, sd cards, etc)

Whats the best digital camera?

i would recommend a digital camera with an "IS" (Image Stabilizer) feature or Hight ISO feature for fast moving subjects in pictures. The best cameras out there have to be Canon's. The SD800IS and ... Read More »