Whats the most annoying thing about facebook?

Answer When people get their notifications sent to their hotmail and also when people you don't like add you and you don't know whether you should accept or not!

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Whats the most annoying thing that gets posted on your facebook page?

I'm not friends with any adults so I wouldn't know your problem but my is those people that like is for heaven and scrolling is for hell. It's like no b&tch, I'm atheist so why would I give a f&(k.

Whats the most annoying advert on tv?

What is the most annoying and iritating thing the MIL has done since the baby's arrived?

Well, according to my husband she does NOTHING wrong. She likes to tell me what to do with my daughter and how to do it. She never breastfed her kids, yet she tries to tell me how to breastfeed m... Read More »

TEENS: What do you think is the most annoying thing about the opposite gender?

I hate to generalize, but I hate how some girls are bitchy and rude