What's the maximum dosage for Asprin?

Answer And why exactly aren't we reading the label of the bottle, which states in plain English how much aspirin to take at a time? That is why we learn to read in school.

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What is the maximum dosage of Detrol LA?

The maximum dosage of Detrol LA is four mgs per day; however, lower dosages may be prescribed to reduce side effects, particularly in cases of hepatic or renal impairment. Always follow the dosage ... Read More »

What is the maximum dosage of Epsom salt?

The maximum dosage of Epsom salt, also known as magnesium sulfate, is 40 g within 24 hours. Proper dosage and usage instructions should be discussed with a doctor. Magnesium sulfate may interact ... Read More »

Whats the max dosage of oxycodone you can take at once?

oxycodone is percocet so the max is or can be based on your age so being that they come in 5mg/325 the 5 being the oxycodone an the 325 is Tylenol u can do 2 overdosing can happen if you never to... Read More »

Whats a safe dosage for melatonin?

long term use of melatonin will diminish your brains capability to produce it naturally. I was taking 10 mg a night till one day I ran out then couldn't sleep for days, at all. talk to your local p... Read More »