What's the matter with my printer?

Answer go to start -control panel -printer and faxes - right click with your printer -preferences (printing preferences ) -settings -load factory settings . good luck !

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Whats wrong with my printer?

Is it a Chameleon you're trying to print? Maybe it changed color.

Do you know whats wrong with my printer?

Check if its...a) plugged in. To Power and to USB port or parallel port. b) has the latest drivers installed.…c) not malfunctioning http://support.lexmark... Read More »

I ave a photosmart C4280 printer. when i try to scan something the printer says usb not connected whats wrong?

check the wires in the back. obviously there must be something not connected or loose

Why does my printer keep printing the same file no matter what?

Assuming you are using windows....Every time you click on 'print', a copy of the file goes of to the print spooler, and joins the print queue. If you do this several times, especially if you have t... Read More »