Whats the make of your computer or laptop?

Answer Fujitsu Siemens but I wish it was Alienware!

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Whats better and cheaper a computer or a laptop ?

Laptop = More money, more convenient, less computing power, and much more expensive upgradesDesktop = Cheaper, less convenient, able to be much more powerful for much less cost, inexpensive upgrade... Read More »

Whats the difference of having a laptop in ur room or a computer which is better?

Over all, a laptop is smaller and it is portable making it a great choice for a bed room. But, lap tops can also develop problems that won't happen to an actual desk top computer. My daughters b... Read More »

Whats the best way to transfer files from a computer to another!... (desktop to a laptop)...?

You sure can make a network, but you'll need a 'cross-over' ethernet cable, which is like a regular ethernet cable, but 2 of the wires are switched from one end to the other. Connect the cross cab... Read More »

Whats so special about computer monitors when I could just connect my HDTV to my laptop?

Computer monitors are designed for computers. It's a personal preference, but there are reasons why you should or shouldn't.TVs have poor pixel density. A 50" TV will have a 1920x1080 resolution, b... Read More »