What's the mail server URL for yahoo in outlook 2003?

Answer unless you are paying for premium services you can only retrieve yahoo! mail from their website, no pop-server available.

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What is yahoo mail server address?

read this or check here Outlook Express Yahoo! Mail users can read their email in Outlook Express by subscribing to the Yahoo! Mail Plus s... Read More »

How do I use Outlook Express as the main mail server?

StartupOutlook Express cannot be used as a mail server since it is not an email server. Instead you can set it up as the default email client program that will send and receive mail through a mail ... Read More »

How to Set Up Yahoo Mail to Run With Microsoft Outlook?

A Yahoo! Mail Plus account is required to configure and use your Yahoo! account in Microsoft Outlook. This is because the free Yahoo! Mail account does not support Post Office Protocol (POP3), the ... Read More »

How to Use Yahoo Mail Instead of Outlook Express?

Using Yahoo! Mail instead of Outlook Express involves nothing more than simply signing up for Yahoo! Mail service. However, if you want a smooth transition from Outlook Express to Yahoo! Mail, you ... Read More »