What's the lowest your blood sugar can safely be if fasting?

Answer Lows can be fatal. If you are measuring via glucose monitoring you will feel symptomatic around 60-70. (Normal is 90-110)The problem with fasting is that once past a certain point of a prolonged fa... Read More »

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Is a fasting blood sugar of 58 okay?

That's definitely on the low side. Most doctors would classify that as hypoglycemic. Are you symptomatic at that level?

How to Measure Fasting Blood Sugar?

Insulin hormones from the pancreas regulate the concentration of blood sugar, or glucose, in the body. When blood glucose rises, insulin is released into the blood to utilize the glucose for energy... Read More »

Is 69 really too low a fasting blood sugar level?

no... be concerned if your readings are in the 50's for a few days in a row or a number of times a month... not good... definately have doctor run tests to determine if you are a candidate for diab... Read More »

Is a blood sugar level, after fasting, of 107 bad?

On One Hand: Non-fasting Blood-Sugar RangesAccording to Web MD, normal ranges for blood sugar in a non-fasting person are 70 to 145. Blood sugars may go slightly higher in some people, but should d... Read More »