What's the life of a Dentist like?

Answer I also enjoy my life. I am an orthodontist with my own private practice 4 days a week, and teach at a University 1 day/week. Most days I see between 30-40 patients a day. The days tend not to be... Read More »

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Septa train conductors-whats a day in the life like?

Go to to the forums and ask this question. Lots of railroad employees hand there to answer questions just like this. Give a little more detail, more context, it will help guys there an... Read More »

Whats life of an ASPLUNDH worker (Railroad Division) like?

Your job will be trimming trees. You go where they send you. The rest would be up to your employer.

Do u like the dentist do u fear the dentist do u fear dentist tools?

i like my dentist, no i do not fear him, nor do i fear the tools he uses.when i was little, i used to love going to the dentist. the only thing i hated was the fact that the chair moved. i used to ... Read More »

Broken tooth whats the dentist gonna do ?

The dentist will remove it if it cannot be repaired.I had a bad hole in a tooth last year. My dentist, understanding my problem with needles, filled it for me at my request.The next day, I ended up... Read More »