What's the latest technique for assisting a drown victim?

Answer A friend of mine, told me many years ago (he was a hot hunk life guard on a beach in Uruguay): One time, I had to punch an almost drowning victim in the face and knock him out, because he was pulli... Read More »

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Latest Hair Weave Technique?

Hair weaves recently have become more flexible and durable. The styles are more authentic and easier to maintain. All that is needed are the right supplies, choosing the right weaving technique and... Read More »

What steps should you follow to when preforming the jaw-thrust airway technique on a suspected head neck or spinal injury victim?

(The nasopharyngeal airway device is another method to insure the airway is open.) Grasp the angles of the victim's lower jaw and lift with both hands, one on each side, displacing the jaw forward... Read More »

Youve decided to perform the jawthrust technique on the victim of a roadside bombing because you want to maintain an open airway while minimizing movement for suspected headneckspinal injury Yo?

As you prepare to manually transport an injured victim you realize you're the only individual physically able to transport the victim Since the victim is unconscious what carrying method do you use?

A "fireman's carry" is the recommended method if you can lift and carry the victim. Otherwise an improvised litter if this is practical. Any method is limited by the capabilities of the transportin... Read More »