Whats the last thing you cooked?

Answer Ham, egg and cheese breakfast sammich on white toast with buffalo sauce. YUMMY!

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What was the one thing your mom cooked when you were little that you dreaded eating?

Canned French cut string beans!My older sisters told me they were sliced worms and I believed them.I used to try and feed them under the table to the dog but as he was to smart to eat them either, ... Read More »

What was the last ambitious thing you cooked/prepared at home?

I usually do duck at Christmas and this year I did duck l'orange and a glazed ham on the all worked out but it was nerve wracking thinking that it might all burn or end up raw in the ... Read More »

Whats the most favourite meal your mum ever cooked you?

After years of my late mothers cooking,I,m surprised that I,m still here....

Whats the weirdest thing you got in your eye?

Stop eating slim jims fattie! jk jk lol.. um I gotta chicken nugget in my eye it stings to hehe... -_-