What's the job description for a dental assistant?

Answer The purpose of dental assisting is to perform routine tasks that require only minimal dental training in order to free a dentist to focus only on patient care. Professionals in the field are typica... Read More »

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Orthodontic Dental Assistant Job Description?

Orthodontic dental assistants work in a dental office where they assist patients receiving orthodontic dental work. This position prepares materials and equipment for the orthodontist, and also man... Read More »

Whats the fastest way to succesfully become a dental assistant?

I've never taken an online class, so I'm not sure. But I do hear that online classes require more work because you have to learn a lot of stuff on your own, plus I think you'll get more out of a c... Read More »

Dental assistant stabbed with a used dental tool, worried.?

Judging from your writing, you don't really sound like a dental assistant, but nevertheless if you are injured with a contaminated instrument you need to follow these steps.You need to file an inci... Read More »

Is There A Difference Between A Dental Hygienist And A Dental Assistant?

Yes there is a BIG difference between DAs and DHs!!!D. assistants only assist dentists, orthodontists, endodontists, etc. They get paid only 12 to 20 dollars per hour depending on experience and wh... Read More »