What's the inplant like females only please?

Answer In the US I got Nexplanon, same thing different name, and it's been great. It does hurt when the shot to numb you is given then putting in the implant isn't too bad. I was on the pill before and al... Read More »

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Bit worried Females only please thanks?

THIS IS FOR FEMALES ONLY,,,,,do you like men that are hairy like on the legs,chest.......?

I'm male but:1. My wife loves that I'm hairy. She says it makes me seem more manly.2. My sister-in-law hates hair on men. She doesn't like rubbing against them, as she's intentionally removed her h... Read More »

Females only, please (pretty darn embarrassing)?

Can only females give birth?

yes in humans but other animals such as the sea horse the male gives birth