What's the ideal amount of RAM?

Answer The ideal amount of RAM differs with each person and what they do on the computer. If you're only going to use word processing, then the ideal would be to use the minimal amount it takes to run wi... Read More »

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What is the ideal amount of sleep for a nap?

Hi Ask Mike,The best time of day to take a nap is between 1:00pm and 2:30pm. An ideal nap, should last 15 to 20 minutes. More than 30 and you may end up with sleep inertia — and feel even more gr... Read More »

What is the ideal amount of time for a power nap?

Twenty minutes. Beyond that and your body starts to fall into deep-cycle sleep and you must stay there until the cycle is over in at least an hour or so. If you wake up during the deep cycle, you'l... Read More »

Guys, Whats Your Ideal Girl?

Sup, fool. Still asking silly questions on here I see. Hah.I like your new avatar. Keep it. My type of girl? Any girl who DOESN'T like the Hawkies suckies would be good :)

Guys and Girls alike: Whats your ideal beauty?

I always thank God for what he gave me. but honostly If i could change the way I look like I'd do it without another thought.the most thing I hate in myself is my hair. it's just so aweful and ugly... Read More »