What's the hottest curry you have ever eaten?

Answer I tried a Phall once. It was made with habanero and one ghost chili. It was amazing.

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What is the hottest pepper you have ever eaten?

I've been growing the Ghost Chili - Bhut Jalokia for three or four years now.I grow them as a novelty and for bragging rights to growing the most difficult of the tropical peppers in Z4 Dakota.I've... Read More »

Whats the best sandwich you have ever eaten- and where was it?

The Tuscan CHicken sandwhich at Panera. it is heaven on Earth.

Whats the hottest cell phone?

I have a lot of friends that have razers, and they are horrible, if it's those choices i'd say iPhone because it has a lot of extras, but in all i'd say the Juke because it also has a lot of extras... Read More »

Whats the worse thing ever eaten?