Whats the healthiest alternative to Water would it be gatorade?

Answer Well here's the deal. Gatorade and powerade are good for you in moderation. They are full of electrolytes that our bodies need for survival. They also contain sugar, which water does not. If you ar... Read More »

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When it comes to working out at a gym whats better water or Gatorade?

water in all reality. You body needs the water and not all the sugar to jack you up even higher. If you start to get lactic acid burn....after your workout eat yogurt or a banana or even strawberri... Read More »

Which peanut butter alternative is the healthiest?

All nuts and seeds are good for you. Almond may be best but try the others also.

Regular Water Vitamin Water Or Gatorade Which would you prefer more?

Vitamin Water - Because I'd be quenching my thirst and hydrating myself and getting some vitamins at the same time.(But in the meantime, I just drink water... Some of that vitamin water is just kin... Read More »

Whats the healthiest thing at Osaka Japanese Steak House?