Whats the healing process for 4 torn ligaments in the ankle?

Answer I'm sorry but that's not true. They stopped operating torn ligaments years ago as the healing process is just as long with surgery as without. The healing process is, unfortunately extremely long. ... Read More »

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What should a foot that has torn ligaments look like when it is done healing?

it would probably look like a red line going down the inflicted area.

How do you treat and heal torn sacroiliac ligaments?

Torn Ligament in my Ankle?

Need to have an X-rays Film of your ankle to assess the damages! Afterward, you must immobilize it (either with a Brace or a Cast) to let it heals. In a few days, your ankle will turn blue; this ... Read More »

Torn ligament in ankle help?

Seriously, if I was you, I would go see the doctor / surgeon because this might be serious to both of yous.